18 thoughts on “Diabetes Diet Plan/Tips -Dietitian Shreya

  1. rajia khullar says:

    Hallo mam…m upma…I massaged u last time n u answered…I felt happy that u pay attention to every viewer n guide nicely.. thanx mam…Mam I told last tm dat I lost inch loss nt weight loss…Bt frm a few days m feeling very Hungry..Now i eat in night daily.. m getting my previous fat again….Plz suggest something…I feel sad now…M getting weight again

  2. Malita Rao says:

    Hi Ma'm..is it true that flaxseed shouldnot be consumed for diabetes patients who take medication?.. People suggest that flaxseed lowers blood sugar so its dangerous if we take it with medication..please confirm.
    Looking forwards for your guidance.

  3. juma akter says:

    mam how can a diabetic 1 type pasent balance his sugar level ..?? when i want to loss my weight then my sugar level is low ..!! so that's why I have to take sugar …..for the result my weight can't loss …can I skip to take insuline ??

  4. Ranju Anand says:

    mam mere husband ko BP hai diebites hai muscles pains bhi hai ap kuch suggest kr sktay h ai vo dieting nhi kr sktay because unki field ki job hai Lic mai officer hai

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