47 thoughts on “DIET tips: Full day BULKING DIET tips for DESI BODYBUILDERS! Part 16 of 25 (Hindi / Punjabi)

  1. KISHAN SINGH says:

    [24/03, 1:17 a.m.] Insta:-Kishan singh: Hii rithik sir sry to text u so late at night i want to ask something as i want a lean body like you and my weight is 80 kg and my height is 5'11 i want to loose some weight want to take it on my ideal weight 72 kg and at a same tym dont want to loose muscles so wot i have to do …m taking a high protein diet good carbs good fats but still it cant work

    This is my diet
    Meal 1 oats with walnuts
    2 hrs gap
    Meal 2 :- 200gram boil chicken breast with some boiled brocolli n capsicum
    2 hrs gap in between each meal
    Meal 3 :- 6 boiled egg white
    Meal 4 brown rice with peas and boiled dal
    Meal 5 brown bread with peanut butter
    And yes m taking protein syntha 6 and bcaa … And just after workout i take my protein and after half n hour i take 3 boiled white egg n 3 scrambled egg cooked in olive oil with 3 slices of brown bread
    And before going gym i take some carbs brown rice and 2 tbsp peanut butter wid honey …

  2. Himanshu Srivastava says:

    Hello sir, I am a graduation student I spend my half of the day in college and I also live in a different city without my family I want you to suggest me what diet should I take to increase my biceps and chest fat because when I do exercises of biceps my biceps pump and look better but after 1-2 hour's it started changing slowly in it's normal size( My body size ) Chest: 42 Inches – Waist: 34 Inches – Biceps: 12 Inches- weight: 78 kg- height: 5.11 inches.I think this will give you help to prefer me a better diet.
    Thank you

  3. PARDHAAN Haryanvi Rapstar says:

    Bhai, 4 mhine h mere pass currently I m 6 feet with 60 kg weight. Will it be possible to be to convert myself from skinny to a similar guy as we see in body building competitions with all cuts and bulky muscles etc ? Just don't worry about the diet, I would probably eat 8-9 times a day with protein shakes and all essential fruits, vegetables etc. And even I will be just focused on bodybuilding apart from everything cos I will leave my home for 4 months and will shift to kohlapur in Maharastra which is considered to be a good place for transforming yourself to a muscular men. So I will be all alone there with no smartphone, tv, friends and anything. Will be just day-night focused on bodybuilding. So will it be possible to be around 100kg from 60kg and with all cuts and awesome physique. Or if not then what will be the round figures of transformation. Reply to this please, I'll be waiting and counting every minute for your reply.

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