49 thoughts on “[Key′s knowhow] SHINee Key’s Diet Recipe Know-how! (ENG) 150701 Ep.1

  1. I'm everywhere you go says:

    FOR A HEALTHY WEIGHT LOSS: don't cut down good fat (from fish, nuts and avocado for example) and salt (don't use too much tho), eat food that are high in fiber and protein so you get full with smaller amounts of food. Don't starve yourself because it makes you gain the weight back very easily. Make sure to eat a proper breakfast, REALLY. Eat regularly and possibly not after 8-9pm. You can eat snacks between meals but make sure they are healthy. (GOOD TO KNOW: nuts are healthy but they have a lot of calories, it's recommended to eat one handful per day. Eat fresh fruits instead of dried ones.) Drink a lot of water. Avoid drinking sodas and juices, they have a looot of sugar. andAlso, you don't need compeletely forget sweets or other junk food. Even one pizza every week won't make you gain weight so do not be too strict with your diet. If you want to boost your weight loss, exercise a little. Walking for 1 hour a few times a week already helps. You're welcome.

    ps. this is based on personal experiences and a lot of research. also remember, don't ecpect to see results immediately. Patience is the keyword when it comes to losing weight with a healthy diet.

  2. Andrea Garzon says:

    Key is that older sister (noona) you wish you had when you're in your adolescent years. I love him. He's literally like a guidebook on how to enjoy living independently. ^_^

  3. pearly wearly says:

    PROTIP: use canola oil for roasting and baking but if you're lightly sautéing vegetables or any other product always use oliva oil! Olive oil is a far better alternative and it doesn't have any trace of highly toxic chemicals which are used in the process of creating canola oil. There's a lot of information on canola oil if you search it up, but try and avoid using it as much as possible 🙂

  4. PeISynergy says:

    how does somebody look so beautiful while seasoning fish for example if I saw the guy at my school that is seasoning fish which he is cute but key is more more, more ,more handsome I be like ok what are u doing then he be like just making food while he is saying it he would be blushing and I'm like ok good for you but then if I was with key and he was like look so you take the fish and he would pause and be like what are u looking at  then I would stare and smile at his face then coming back to reality would  say sorry and blush and then if he winked at me and bit his lip saying i know I'm handsome but please you don't have to blush about it ill give u what you want  later ok maybe I'm going to far anyways yep  I would do that  I would even blush more hard like a red tomato (thank you for reading this I love you lol)

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