7 thoughts on “Tips on Kickstarting the Paleo Diet

  1. fl0r1nn says:

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  2. Rehema Nzilani says:

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  3. A Baker says:

    realistically, Paleo man ate what they could find. plenty of plant matter, furit, meat when available. but the likelihood of them eating every day or foods with full flavor is slim at best. I'm on Paleo and have lost 30lbs and gained plenty of muscle. to address heart disease, yes it's already been proven that Paleo man suffered from this but there are plenty of medical records showing folks that have been vegetarians their whole lives who have heart disease. the fact is, we still don't understand why some people get it and some don't.

  4. David Lowery says:

    I always hear people on Paleo say they eat "Paleo + Oatmeal for breakfast", lol. In fact, whereas I've heard that… I don't think I've heard any Paleos recently that are not eating oatmeal for breakfast, lol.

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